What I offer

About Let's Talk About It

Let’s Talk About It provides an Integrative Approach to counselling children and young people. This means that when we work together, I will vary the therapeutic approaches I use depending upon your individual needs. The approaches I primarily use as a counsellor are; person-centred therapy, creative/art therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, systemic therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

Nevertheless, although the approach/es we use in therapy is important, the therapeutic relationship between a counsellor and their client (myself and you) is the most important. I will therefore ensure that you feel safe and comfortable in our sessions. I believe in the abilities of every child and young person and believe that they are capable of achieving great things. I believe in C&YPs abilities to be able to think for themselves and will therefore support you and empower you to do so.

Areas/issues I can help you with

Through my 1:1 counselling work I have supported children and young people with a range of mental health difficulties and general life worries. This means I am able to help you with issues such as:

  • Anxieties (i.e. generalised anxiety disorder; social anxiety)
  • Depression and low mood
  • Anger (including anger/behaviour management & coping)
  • Low self-esteem and confidence (including self-identity struggles)
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Traumatic experiences (i.e. domestic violence; assault)
  • School related stresses (i.e. exam pressure & worries; friendships; bullying; school changes; concerns about school and COVID-19)
  • Family relationships and issues at home
  • Eating disorders/food struggles and anxieties
  • OCD

If you are in crisis, please speak to someone you trust immediately and/or call a helpline such as:

  • NHS 111 (option 2)
  • The Samaritans for 18+ (116123)
  • Childline for under 19s (0800 1111) or,
  • text Shout for any age (85258)

How the counselling will happen

Due to COVID-19 and to ensure that you and I can remain safe and well, all counselling sessions are currently being done online/via phone call. However, it is hoped that in the near future, face-to-face sessions will be able to resume.

With access to the internet, a mobile phone, a tablet, or a laptop/desktop computer, your counselling sessions can happen via any of the following online/phone call options – all of which are your individual choice:

  • 50-minute video call – a session where you and I can see and hear each other over a webcam; just like Facetime, Skype or Zoom. This is the closest we can get to a face-to-face session. To do this I use an App called VSee because it is end-to-end encrypted which means that our counselling sessions are entirely private and not accessible by anyone else. VSee is totally free and very easy to download onto your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • 50-minute voice/phone call – a session where we can hear each other but cannot see each other. This can be done via a normal phone call or through a VSee voice call. It is totally up to you which option you are more comfortable with, but VSee has the added guarantee of privacy.
  • 50-minute instant messaging session – a session where we can talk using an instant messenger App called Signal. This is quite similar to messaging someone over WhatsApp or Instagram. I use Signal for this counselling option because like VSee it is end-to-end encrypted and means that only you and I can see our conversation. Signal also gives you the option to send ‘disappearing messages’ for your added privacy and deletes messages after a short time; similar to how Snapchat does. Signal is totally free and very easy to download onto your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • 1-hour email session – a session where we have a back-and-forth email conversation. With this option you are more likely to send and receive slightly longer responses compared to an instant messenger session. This means that an email session may take a little longer, so is why our session would be 1-hour long rather than 50-minutes. With this option I can also attach files for you, such as worksheets and help sheets. For email sessions I use Gmail as this end-to-end encrypts all emails and ensures added privacy.

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